Online Network Marketing Business Ideas

Network marketing has been taken to new heights in recent years with thousands of network marketers flocking to the Internet to build their businesses, instead of sticking to the old school “marketing strategies” such as the 3 feet rule, making a list of friends and family etc, etc. And it makes perfect sense as to why. The Internet is the perfect place to display your business opportunity and the perfect place for people already searching for a network marketing opportunity to find it.

We all know that the Internet is loaded with information, so it is the first place people go to research a business opportunity. If they happen to find any of your material and you give them the information that they are looking for, you have quite a good chance that those people will be, not only interested in joining with your company but joining up with YOU specifically. Especially if you have some value to offer.

So if you’re interested in taking your business online but have know idea where to start, I have compiled a list of 7 Online Network Marketing Business Ideas that you can use to get to the fastest start possible.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 1- Article Writing: The site that you are looking at right now, EzineArticles, is an excellent site to start off with. EzineArticles is great. It’s quick and easy (and free) to sign up and then you can get to work writing articles about your business. You can write a review about your company, explain your compensation plan, write about your products, anything you like. And Google absolutely loves EzineArticles, so you could even get your article ranked in the search engines where thousands of people can find it. You can leave the URL to your web site at the bottom of your article so if people like what you have written and want to find out more, they can go straight to your site. Of course there are other article sites out there but to me, EzineArticles is by far the best.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 2 – Squidoo: Similar to article writing, Squidoo lets you write a page (or lens as they call it) about what ever you like. Squidoo lenses, too, get highly ranked in search engines, which makes it a whole lot easier for people to find. If you want to know more about Squidoo, head over to to check it out.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 3 – Social Networking: If you don’t already know (I’m sure you do), social networking sites are the “in thing” right now. Sites like MySpace, Twitter and especially Facebook have hundreds of thousands, even millions of people logging in each and everyday. I just saw on the news a couple of weeks ago that Facebook now has over 400,000,000 users. FOUR HUNDRED MILLION! That’s insane. Do you think that a nice little chunk of those people are looking for a home based business/network marketing opportunity? I certainly do! It’s a great place to let people know about your business opportunity and connect with other network marketers that you might be able to learn a thing or two from. If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook/Twitter/MySpace account TODAY and start meeting new people you can talk to about your business.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 4 – YouTube: Just like the social networking sites, YouTube was millions of people logging in every single day. While some people are only there to watch silly videos and what-not, there are also people searching for information. And video is a great way to let people know about your business opportunity and about you. You can speak from the heart about how you feel about your company, and if people are drawn to you because they like you or what you’re about, in many cases they will be interested in calling you to find out more information. So how do they contact you? Easy, just leave your web site URL (if you have one) and/or phone number in the description box. I think that video is the best way to project your passion about how you feel about your business opportunity and when people see that, they will want to join YOU.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 5 – Forums: Forums are a great place for network marketers to hang out on the Internet. You can reach out to many people and many people can reach out to you. Network marketing forums are, naturally, populated with other network marketers, often more experienced then you which makes it a great place to form new relationships and learn from other people about what they are doing to grow their businesses. Two forums I would recommend you check out are and but there are dozens more to take a look at. Just Google “network marketing forums” and you will find plenty.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 6 – PPC: Okay, if you don’t know what PPC means, it stands for Pay-Per-Click. Pay per click ads are the little adverts that you see on the right side of your screen when ever you search for something in Google (Yahoo and MSN also have PPC ads). You can create PPC ads for your business or products and as the name implies, you pay Google (or Yahoo or MSN) a certain amount of money (from a couple of cents to a couple of dollars depending on your keywords) every time someone clicks on your ad/s. PPC is the perfect form of advertising because your ad only gets shown to people that are interested in or looking at your business/products. Lets say you made an ad targeting Amway, and you choose Amway as your Keyword. Your ad will only ever show up when someone searches for Amway. It is truly targeted advertising and it’s brilliant but it does take a little mastering so that you don’t blow your advertising budget.

Online Network Marketing Business Idea # 7 – Be Consistent: The marketing strategies above are all incredible ways of marketing your business opportunity… but the key is being consistent. It’s not enough to do a little here and a little there. You have to be working hard every single day and as we all know, the amount of effort you put in is the amount that you get back. Just try one or even a few of these strategies and see what they can do for your business.

The Gold Rush of Internet Marketing Businesses

Is the Internet-marketing business fool’s gold or real gold?

The Internet is indeed still an uncharted territory where unlimited opportunities lie awaiting to be discovered. However, when it comes to being successful and profitable, the Internet as a medium is no different than that of any other business today. Commerce in cyberspace requires just as much work as it does on land.

Today, Internet marketing seems to be a hot topic everywhere. There is a lot of hype about Internet marketing and how to make fast and easy money through Internet marketing; but very little of it holds true because Internet marketing businesses, alike regular Brick-and-mortar businesses,require hard work, proper marketing and sales, operations and financing.

Internet marketing may sound like just one facet of a business on the web; however, in reality, it is a business in and of itself–it is not just one task called marketing; it is a marketing business. So if one’s intention is to just emphasis on Internet marketing, there has to be a goal as how to make money by just marketing. This is where it gets tricky. If the intention is to just rank high on search engines and generate a lot of traffic to your or someone else’s website, you have to clearly define the target audience (target market) and perhaps few segments within the target audience that you are after. Once you have clearly defined your target audience and the products or services that you are going to sell, you need to do your due diligence and find the right keywords that your target audience is perceived to be using to find you. Then, of course, you need to do a lot of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) work to rank high on search engines so your target audience can find your website. And last, but not the least, you have to convert your visitors into customers by using quality landing pages on your website–this hold true even if you are generating leads for other businesses. All of this may sound very easy, but in reality, it not so.

In a nutshell, to be successful at Internet marketing you need to:

1- Define your target audience and the products or services that you want to sell

2- Find keywords that are relevant to your product or service or are currently used by your target audience to find similar products and services

3- A lot of SEO work to rank high on search engines

4- Create good landing pages so you can convert your visitors to customers

All four of these tasks require a lot of work, resources and money. Therefore, I disagree with the notion that Internet-Marketing is a get-reach-quick job and that anyone is able to do it successfully. I don’t believe it’s wise for anyone to jump in and make an investment in an Internet-marketing business without conducting proper due diligence–digging in and gaining a better understanding of what you are getting into. You may find yourself spending a lot of money and time before you see any return on your investment, if any. However, whoever sells you your Internet-marketing dream, package makes money right away. Why is that? Well he has or she has done the following:

1- Defined the target audience (I would say at least three segments): segment one, ordinary hard-working people who are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of income; segment two, people w are looking to make quick and easy money; and segment three, people who genuinely like to run a web-based business.

2- Are using the right keyword (keywords depend on which segment you are after): any combination of words that include keywords like Internet-marketing, Internet-business, home-based business, work-from-home, get-reach-fast, make-easy-money, and make-money-on-the-web. I am sure there are a lot more keywords than what I am mentioning here.

3- Have definitely done a lot of SEO work to show up on top of web search results for several of the keywords

4- And created excellent landing page that usually have phrases like: purchase this product and make an easy $5000 per month with no effort from the comfort of your home

The problem lies in the fact that in any new business arena that a good number of businesses have done very well in, there is bound to be a lot of unrealistic exuberance among those that want to enter the arena. And, of course, unrealistic exuberance attracts lot of unscrupulous characters with the sole intention of taking advantage of the exuberant consumer. So it would be wise to check out the product, the business and get some references-do your due diligence and remember that if it sound too good to be true, it is most likely not true.


In conclusions, there is no doubt that if conducted properly, Internet marketing has a lot of potential. However, like I mentioned earlier, an Internet-marketing business requires a lot of work, knowhow and resources. Therefore, if you have the knowledge and resources, with a little hard work, Internet-marketing can be a lucrative business. On the other hand, it is by no means an easy task or a way to make quick and easy money. Internet marketing is business like any other with keen competitions and a lot of requirements.